A Talk with myself !!


#Search the mountains, Search the sea…

Search the valleys ,Search the sky…

Keep flying … keep searching highest of high…



#This is a battle ..wherever u go..

You have to overlook problems and move with the flow..


#If you look a 100 yrs short or long..

You cant enjoy this precious life’s song


#You can yearn for your dream at the highest spree..

You can think just of yourself.. Yes ! You are free…


# Your folks may create a melancholy and down the shine..

It’s you who would not bother .You will sparkle and regain that shine..


#If there is no way and no ray in your life so long..

But hey!! You are surviving… you are fearless and so strong..


#You know that you love dancing to the drum..

You love teaching to your ownself that you are firm..


#You deny your past and learn it so fast..

You develop a picture but don’t know its cast..


#Just see and dream the shooting stars..

Never put a pause along ur way.


# Life is not a stopping place..

Just fight nd accomplish your dream of ray…








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