Just stay like a Pendulum!!

~ Turning my eyes on this pendulum .. Its never gonna stop on my wall…

Have you guys ever wondered ?? Our god has gifted equal seconds to all..


~ Back and forth on this wall clock.. see its swinging in the air ..

Time comes and time goes fast ..Time waits for no-one anywhere..


~I am gazing at the oscillations it makes ..

Never ending all day  and all night..

Its time to wake up and realise that things dont come easy

and you need to fetch your own right ….


~ Please don’t stop if you have started it well..

You have to go a thousand mile..

Remember one thing ! which should never change..

Is one and only your cheerful smile …


~ Life is not a crystal clean water ..

It will show you pebbles and hard rocks

But be like this pendulum ,which never stops..

and keeps you moving round the clocks..


~ Make your heart a guiding force ..

that never puts you off the track..

And if you forget all in midway..

Remember God ! will hold and take you back !!!



With love ..







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