>> Chanting your name ‘O Lord’ , my whole world sparks..

Opening and regaining my eyes, everything fades and gets apart..


>> People so self centric in your world “ the vicious cicles”..

Why so churning here and there , no one sparkles..


>>Sometimes thoughts cn be flowery and sometimes parasitic..

People and life undergo transitions..Life become mystic..


>> Life is not a pension scheme plan.. that it assures you comforts..

But it’s a current scheme that changes even you make tremendous efforts..


>> Lord Krishna!! You are the mere fulfilment of my dwindling mind…

Please be generous to me.. and I know you are so kind


>> You pave a path for me now and guide me to  light…

I have sent you a prayer with my love so bright…


>> Sweet Drizzling breeze of hope in my hands..

Chanting your name! Lord Kanha!! In such Strands..


>> Fence my thoughts..fence the situations

I wont cry..I am your child.. sense my sensations..


>> When the day dawns,sun rises all over again..

I know You wil remove this mystic flora and refrain my pain..




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