Anything worth is worth the wait!!!

worth# There comes a time , she starts to think of herself ..

She becomes glorious in her own world ..and doesn’t wanna go in deceptive shelf..


# There comes a time , she is contented with “HERSELF ” – the only one..

and the stars are shining in her heart .. and the boomerang filled let her run..


# There comes a moment of solitude , she always have wandered for …

She is true on herself.. She doesn’t wanna be a diplomat anymore…


#She laughs like wild .. and she is the one so civilized…

She hates the imitating world .. as undoubtedly she has been traumatised..


# Folks might think she is easy to get and easy to wry ..

But fearless girl she is .. and knows the whole story behind her cry ..


# In different waves ,she has adjusted herself .. waiting for the positive events..

Her head keeps on humming .. one special day will come which remove all her dents..


# She is just a balance of fairy tale and practicality ..

She’s gonna set in her heart .. a persona with the fierce loyalty..


# People come and people go… she has learnt with her supple mind..

Everyone has a different story.. So God must has written just her kind…


#She feels lucky to god  for whatever she has so far..

She never  think of bad as she wanna remain happy without a scar..


# She sees the shooting stars .. and yet know the limit of her allowed tale..

She has smile on her face.. and screams in her heart.. as sometimes she also fails…


# She knows that time will come .. that is worth a wait…

She believes in karma .. and knows that almighty is just so great!!



With love ..

Mani .



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